Monarch's analysis of Lisa Marie Presley's death
     Lisa Presley's yearly biorhythms indicate some comncern about Ms Presley's health as far back as June 22, 2022 and returning again in late October/early November, 2022 especially October 30, 2022 and November 02, 2022.
     I also see December 14 and 15, 2022 as another indicater of an ongoing health concern.
     The biorhythms show an emotional consern about Lisa's health on January 11, 2023 culminating in her passing on January 12, 2023.
     Looking at Lisa Presley's Year, Month and Day numerology report we see that Lisa's 54th year shows a tendency to "DEEDS WITHOUT WORK MAY cause COLLAPSE of important life structures, whether physical or otherwise. " While the year 2023 suggests that "This will be a good time for major surgery." for Lisa.
     January 11, 2023 suggessts that Lisa "Watch extravagances!" and "A word of caution should be given here...."
     January 12,2023 suggests "Medical treatments and routine surgery should be fine during this time." and continuing the "...word of caution should be given here...."
     January 13, 2023 suggests Lisa Marie Presley will "...will experience INCREASED INTUITION and PSYCHIC INSPIRATION at this time." Although I believe that an individual's "soul" likely departs the physical body by the end of the third day after passing, this can indicate that the individual gets a more clear view of the "God" source of all existence!
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