Monarch's analysis of the Tyre Nichols beating by members of the MPD SCORPION Unit TN


     Based upon evidence, observation and belief the SCORPION MPD TN Unit beating of Tyre Nichols on January 07, 2023 was apparently a revenge beating for Nichols not bending to the MPD TN SCORPION UNIT member's demands.


     The biorhythms record indicates several contacts between the SCORPION MPD TN Unit at least from late June, 2022 up to and including the January 07, 2023 beating of Tyre Nichols by members of the SCORPION MPD TN Unit. This in conjunction with Tyre Nichols "name cycle"(Copyright term --AMS) and "date cycle"(Copyright term --AMS) interpretations do indicate that Tyre Nichols was in for more trouble from the MPD TN SCORPION Unit members on January 07, 2023.

     While analyzing the Nichols beating on Saturday January 28, 2023 I came to the conclusion that the Tyre Nichols beating was retribution for Tyre Nichols filing complaints against one or more SCORPION MPD TN Unit members.

     On one of the Sunday morning news shows, January 29, 2023, attorney Crump stated that Tyre Nichols had indeed filed complaints against members olf the MPD TN SCORPION Unit on more than one ocassion. A proper analysis of the biorhythms for Tyre Nichols and the MPD TN SCORPION Unit does point to previous coontacts between Tyre Nichols and the MPD TN SCORPION Unit, at least as far back as June, 2022.


     It is probably going to be exposed that members of the MPD SCORPION Unit attempted to "put the squeeze" on Nichols and Nichols refused to comply with their wishes/commands along that line.

     The SCORPION Unit was apparently upset that Nichols would not bend to their demands and that Nichols had actually filed complaints against the SCORPION Unit officers on more than one ocassion!


     The analysis of the combination biorhythms for January 27, 2023 indicates that the exposing of the Tyre Nicholes beating video will attack the "credibility" of the SCORPION Unit causing damage to the MPD SCORPION Unit as Tyre Nicholes physicality during the beating exposure.



     I also intend to do a numerology comparison of one, or more, of the MPD TN SCORPION Unit members that did beat Tyre Nichols to show their attitudes toward Tyre Nichols.

Copyright R L Monarch 02/01/2023