Monarch's pre Superbowl LVII interpretation

     Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts' numerology Speaks about "...Medical treatments and routine surgery...." for the year 2023 and "...Health checkups are a good idea during this time. Do not avoid being alone at this time...." for the month of February, 2023.

     With this in mind, I do expect that Jalen Hurts is likely to get injured in some manner during the Superbowl LVII game of February 12, 2023 which injury is likely to cause the Eagles to lose the game.


     Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes numerology speaks about "...may inherit money...." which is likely to get Mahomes a "pay raise" after helping win Superbowl LVII. Then we see for age 27 Mahomes "...talent shows...."


I do expect a tight defensive game with Kansas City Chiefs winning by a field goal in overtime.


     Analyzing the combination team daily biorhythms of the Chiefs and Eagles indicates that, even though both teams are pretty well worn from the 2022 season, the chiefs are likely to get an intellectual edge playing the game with a few surprises for the Eagles. Of course, this goes along with the idea that Mahomes "...talent shows...." during the game.

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