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Last updated---04/15/2018

     Monarch's high school education inluded :

  • Chemistry -- Built a battery from scratch
  • English literature
  • Geography
  • History
  • Math as high as Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Physics
  • Social studies, especially a deeper self study of cultures and religions.
  • In my senior year I wrote a short story, called "Infinity Unlimited", published in the school student writer's yearbook. My view is that the story is about the ruler of the universe/s.
  • During my junior and senior years I drew up a "fluying saucer" craft that should fly both in an atmosphere and through "outer space".

     Adult education :

  • Pharmacy training
    1. I ran a pharmacy as the head pharmacist for three years.
    2. During which time I corrected three foreign doctors and our chief medical officer when they wrote incorrect prescriptions.
    3. As I returned to school for more training, the continuous litany of drug side effects caused me to decide that I no longer wanted to push the prescription drugs onto people so I changed my education path. I wanted to find more healthy ways to keep and improve one's health.
  • College and tech school
    1. Accounting
    2. Biology
    3. Chemistry
    4. Economics
    5. Computer programming -- Starting with Fortran, which I did rather well in. I later picked up other computer programming languages like Basic, compiled Basic and COBOL. My original programs I made for sale were built by me in compiled Basic.
    6. Economics
    7. Philosophy -- For which my term paper was about my view of the transition of soul from the "godhead" down into the lower world/s and the soul's return to the "godhead".
    8. Physics
    9. Theoretical physics

     Through self study :

  • More computer languages :
    1. I have studied and used C, C+ and Visual Basic. I now have my original programs reprogrammed in "windows" style programming.
    2. I am now working to program these computer programs in Android for Tablets and phones.
  • Astrology :
    1. Since the late 1980s I have been studying and using astrology, including:
    2. Natal astrology
    3. Predictive astrology(solar and lunar returns, transits)
    4. Astrological relational analysis -- Which I use prior to getting involved in any new relationships.
    5. Daily interpretation
    6. Horary astrology for answering a specific question.
    7. Through the study of astrology I have built a diet program based upon any individuals birthdate. I have been using this computer diet program since 1986. Now available for "windows" type OSs.
  • Biorhythms :
    1. Since, at least 1987, I have studied and built a biorhythms computing progam.
    2. Through the use of my biorhythms computinig program I have studied and made innovations to the actual study of biorhythms.
    3. I have use my biorhythms computing program to do readings based solely upon the biorythms and the innovations i have made to biorhythms theory.
    4. To this date I have found no other individual/s, or other entitiy/ies that have studied biorhythms to the extent that I have studied them. Therefore, my conclusion is that I am the only true biorhythms expert in the world!
    5. I have now reprogrammed my biorhhthms computing program to work in updated laptops and PCs.
    6. I now have a patent on my AMS_BiosProPC program and the innovations that I have developed for the more accurate analysis of biorhythms and the theory thereof.
  • Proper and healthier personal diet
    1. Approximately 1987-1988 I produced a computer diet program that suggests food intake for any individual for anyspecific date and points out the individual's peak metabolic periods and metabolic cycle. The diet is based upon the individual's date of birth.
    2. I have been using this computer program since I built it in the late 1980s with, what I see as very good results.
    3. The first two weeks I was on the diet I lost 15lbs as I stuck very close to the diet suggestions for each day.
    4. Although I have found this diet does help lose weight, this personal computer diet program will help you control an idividual's blood pressure, helps eliminate constipation soslely through the proper food intake for the individual.
    5. With this diet, my blood pressure usually stays within the range of 128/67. Most of the days my blood pressure is several points below 128
    6. Early in 2018 my wife's doctor has told her that she no longer needs to take her blood pressure medicine since her blood pressure now stays in the medically suggested range.
    7. I do have this computer diet program copyrighted and US Patent protected!
  • Numerology
    1. I have been studying and using numerology for over thirty years.
    2. Natal numerology
    3. Predictive numerology
    4. Numerological relational analysis -- Which I use prior to getting involved in any new relationships.
    5. Daily interpretation
    6. Through the study of numerology I have built a numerology computer program based upon any individual's birthname and birthdate. I have been using this computer numerology program since 1987. An updated version is now available for "windows" type OSs.
    7. This numerology computer program explain what an individual's life is about working with/learning.
    8. My numerology computer program can accurately predict what is likely to come about during any specific day/month and/or year.
  • I have studied and use "Past life regression".
  • The Astro Metaphysical Services(©, TM) website :
    1. I have had my Astro Metaphysical Services(©, TM) website on the internet via various servers since 1995.
    2. I have been doing readings since 1988.
    3. I have recommendations from several clients and others that know one, or more of my clients.

     My faith :

  • I had been studying religion ever since at least fourth grade, that I remember.
  • Through high school I continued to delve deeper into the study of religion, and such study does continue through today.
  • In the spring of my senior year after my last CCD class I asked the priest who was our instructor a very specific question. I felt that he failed to give me the proper answer to that question and that night before I left the classroom I decided to have no more dealings with the Catholic church/faith.
  • After years of continuous study I have concluded that there is only one really true religion/faith. That is the religion/faith of the one true Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Infinite godhead. There is not, to this date, any earthly religion that comes close to that true religion!

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