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"We are not human beings having a Spiritual experience... We are Spiritual beings having a human experience. "
Pierre Tielhard de Chardin


"Chistianity is NOT a religion, but a reality."


          "Let Jesus into your life...." Said many times by Van Impi and other ministers. It is my view and opinion that this should probably be more like "Let the CHRIST into your life...." since I believe more that, what I refer to as, "the arm of God" that allowed itself to be embodied within the Jesus individual embodyment exposing itself as the "Christ Consciousness"!!!
         It is apparent that throughout the middle ages and into present day thinking, so called christians had, and presently have, misguided ideas about how the "Jesus" figure should look and what that individual's "True" name is/should be.
         No individual/no book/no scripture that I have heard/seen/read ever speaks of the "True" full birthname of the Jesus figure. Therefore, that "True" name of the one called "The Christ" must be assembled through a true understanding of the original Hebrew text on which the bible is supposedly based and upon a close understanding of the language and culture of the Middle East at the time of the life ot "The Christ". With this understanding in mind it is my belief that the true ( Hebrew) birthname should probably be "JEHOSHUA IBN YOWCEPH" or "JEHOSHUA IBN MIRYAM"!!
A special look at "Jesus the Christ" through Numerology


  • There are 10,800 predictons in the "Christian" bible.


  • David's son ---- ??Solomon??
  • ELLEN G. WHITE'S dream, at 14 years old, in which she talks about following her "guide" to meeting Jehoshua (Jesus)!!!
  • Kenneth Copeland's wife has stated that "Poverty is a curse.... "
                 I ask-Is poverty really a curse???
                 My personal belief is that "poverty" is a problem that we must work through in this material world.
  • August 19, 2001 Sunday morning------>Kenneth Copeland, through a statement he made, indicated that the "...written word.... " was/is the most important information to follow for life.
             My thought and belief is that the spoken word of god/the almighty/the one true god, whatever you want to call IT, is more important than the "...written word.... " in any religious/spiritual book. By this I mean that the "spoken word", which the individual receives more directly from the almighty, is the more important "word" for the individual to follow in their life. I don't believe that the "true word" received in this manner from the almighty would direct any individual or group to cause harm to any other individual or group.
  • NOSTRADAMUS says------ A "leader" will appear in 11/1999. ( Jean Dixon )

Quoted from the "Literal Bible" with Strong's #s

The "original" Hebrew text is in the square brackets.
  • GENESIS 8:3---------(English "Christian" version)---[shuwb] And retreated [mayim} the waters ['al] from ['erets] the earth [halak] going [shuwb] and retreating. [chacer] And diminished [mayim] the waters [qatseh] at the end of [tabbuwr] fifty [lethek] and a hundred [yowm] days.
  • DIRECT TRANSLATION OF GENESIS 8:3 FROM THE MORE "ORIGINAL" HEBREW TEXT-------->[shuwb] To turn back [mayim] water ['al] above/over/upon/ or against ['erets] the earth [halak] to walk [shuwb] to turn back. [chacer] To lack [mayim] water [qatseh] an extremity [tabbuwr] to pile up/accumulated [lethek] a measure for things dry [yowm] a day.

  •           So how does the "original" text phrase "tabbuwr lethek yowm." translate to the english version of "fifty and a hundred days"??

  • I SAMUEL 17:47" And all this asembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD's and he will give you into our hands."
  • EZEKIEL 38 & 39
  • ZACHARIAH 14:4 to 8
  • DANIEL 8:23
  • CORINTHIANS 1 - 7----- Laciviousness and Fornication; "Let every man have his own wife... "
  • 1 JOHN 5:7----->"For there are three that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the WORD and the HOLY GHOST: and these three are one. "
  • REVELATION 13:16-18
  • REVELATION 17:10

A & E Cable TV----- "66 A.D. THE LAST REVOLT"

  • The apostles Paul and James were at odds with each other after JEHOSHUA's death, as to whether/or not the "Christian" philosophy, as it was known then, should be "expanded" to the "Gentiles"/non-Jews/non-Isrealites.
  • The revolt is to be lead by a RABBI and a KING!!


  • #40----"Probation"----The number "40" is seen in the english version bible under at least two circumstances:
    • One instance is the forty days and forty nights of rain for the flood of Noach's (Noah's) time. The flood stayed forty days on the earth. Moses and the "Israelites" wandered in the desert for forty years. Jesus fasted for forty days and nights in the desert. There are many more references to the number "40" in the Hebrew and english versions of the bible.
    • All the incidents of the number "40" I have found point to times when the individual/s were apparently in a testing time/"probationary period" to find out if they were worthy enough to go on to the next step in their journey/( spiritual ) development.


SIN---->The failure to be what we ought to be!!!
Author William Barkley's interpretation from the Greek

  • The above definition of "SIN" as given by a Salvation Army "Major" is the best definition of "SIN" that I have heard from any "religious" organization so far. That definition is one that I can very easily go along with taking into consideration the spiritual studies I have undertaken over the past many years. It allows that the only manner that "SIN" might be considered "evil" is in the fact that the individual may consciously not working to develop him/her-self spiritually and along the material path set by the God-entity and the self before the individual entered into this lifetime.
  • Of course, even though our main, similar, purpose is to reconnect with that God-power, each of us has our own individual path to follow in achieving that reconnection goal.
  • Religions are focusing too much on the "man Jesus" and not enough on the "CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS" and the true God-head!!
  • Monarch----> "The SPIRIT looks to the gold that comes from the hearts of other people. "
  • Monarch----> "You must have TRUE SELF LOVE in order to be a TRUE CHANNEL for the FORCE OF GOD!!"
  • You are always given the "LOW RISK" and the "HIGH RISK" path. It is better to choose the "HIGH RISK" path!! Choosing the "LOW RISK" path shows you have NO FAITH.
  • What is the real/literal interpretation of the Hebrew term "SHABUA"??
  • How do we avoid ARMAGEDDON??-----By praising the LORD and NOT passing the ammunition!!!!
  •           Your JOB in this life is to learn to TAKE YOU POWER and consciously PURIFY YOURSELF!!

  • The real purpose of doing a PAST LIFE REGRESSION is to GATHER your SPECIAL ENERGY from those PAST EXPERIENCES!!

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