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        Back in February, 1989 I purchased a book called "THE ASTROLOGICAL DIET" written by astrologer Jon Stevens. On the cover is a zodiac wheel with the signs heading their appropriate houses. Within each house were listed several and various food items for each SUNSIGN. What this Astrological diet attempts to do is to point out the MAJOR dietary focus for each SUNSIGN. In my view Mr. Stevens does a rather good job in explaining the basics of an Astrologically proper diet.
         When I bought Jon Stevens's book I was relatively inactive, which relative inactivity caused me to put on about forty to fifty pounds that I didn't need and I weighed about two-hundred forty-seven pounds. Doctors and chiropractors had warned that I needed to lose a little weight or I could get into in major health problems.
         In his book, Stevens talks about the types of food recommended for each SUSIGN in the following manner;
         FIRE signs need a basic diet of PROTEIN foods. These PROTEIN foods do not have to be meats, but can be any food type that supplies a type of protein. In fact, even though all FIRE signs require a basic PROTEIN diet, each FIRE sign requires a specific type of protein from a more specific PROTEIN source. According to the Astrological Diet ARIES requires more BEEF type PROTEIN, LEO requires the milder protein of CHICKEN, BEANS, and LENTILS, and SAGITTARIUS can use the varied protein of BEEF, LAMB, PORK, DUCK, GOOSE, and PHEASANT.
         EARTH signs need a basic diet of FAT foods. According to the Astrological Diet TAURUS individuals are the only SUNSIGN recommended to be ALLOWED any major intake of PORK FAT. I believe the reason for this is that PORK FAT tends to be more difficult for the body to digest than other forms of fat. If you squeeze a little pork fat between two fingers of one hand and beef, or other fat between the fingers of the other hand, the pork fat appears to be a bit more stringy than the others. FATs for VIRGO individuals should probably come more from seeds such as sunflower, corn, and sesame seeds. CAPRICORN can better utilize the FATs from the OILS of nuts, avocados, and olives.
         And so it goes. AIR signs need a basic diet of CARBOHYDRATE foods with the type of CARBOHYDRATE intake like a type of sugar varying according to each sign.
         WATER signs need a basic diet of WATER foods again with the WATER SUNSIGNs getting their chemical needs met with various WATER type foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Blood type AB appears to be based more on the intake of Water foods like the Astrological "Water" signs.
  • Blood type B appears to be based more on the intake of Proteins like the Astrological "Fire" signs.
  • Blood type O is based more on the intake of Fatty foods like the Astrological "Earth" signs.
  • Blood type A is based more on the intake of Carbohydrates like the Astrologicla "Air" signs.

  •          If this be true, then it is important that we ask, and investigate, whether, and the manner of, the blood type of specific individual's comparison to the individual's Sunsign and, possibly, the individual's Moonsign!


             It turns out that each SUNSIGN body has more of a specific metabolic function in the material world. Therefore, I tend to see the Astrology Diet as the more natural method of controlling an individual's hunger and a more natural method of improving, and maintaining an individual's proper health! A proper diet should not be focused only on calories and/or exercise!

             If we pay any attention to FOOD SCIENCE at all we find that FOOD SCIENCE is coming more and more to the point of recognizing that each individual has their own specific METABOLIC PROCESS.
             In March, 2006 I was watching the news on the DAILY BUZZ when they had a dietician on that spoke about 12 basic diets. HMMM. Gee, astrologers today tend to recognize TWELVE ZODIAC SIGNS that influence our lives. Interesting, eh!
             We tend to see individual METABOLIC PROCESSES as being either "stronger" or "weaker". Individuals with a "stronger" METABOLIC PROCESS are those individuals we see as seemingly being able to eat almost anything and gain little or no weight while those with a "weaker" METABOLIC PROCESS seem to gain a lot of weight no matter how much they appear to cut down on their food intake. This METABOLIC PROCESS not only determines what nutrients we need through each day and throughout our lifetimes, but, also determines when the individual's METABOLIC PEAKS are reached. These METABOLIC PEAKS, combined with the inidividual's daily dietary requirement/s, actually determine when the body of the individual is better able to digest the various foods taken in.
             Of course the basic dietary intake recommended for each SUNSIGN is not the only food type the individual be allowed to imbibe. All four basic food groups of WATER, PROTEIN, FATs, and CARBOHYDRATES are necessary, to some extent, for the physical bodies of each individual. I have come to view of this diet basically amounting to a process called FOOD COMBINING wherein only certain food combinations are eaten together and certain other food combinations are suggested to not be eaten together.
             Another major point of the astrology diet is to focus your meals around three two hour metabolic peak periods throughout the day, with the largest/heaviest meal eaten at the individuals main daily metabolic peak. The three daily metabolic peak periods are shared by the triplicity of each type of SIGN.
             As an example, the FIRE SIGNs of ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS all share the metabolic peaks of 6-8 A.M., 2-4 P.M., and 10 P.M. to MIDNIGHT. Since I am a LEO SUNSIGN, this explained to me why I very often got hungry and ate a good bit of food at the midnight hour without gaining much, if any, weight. In a more healthier time of my life I was not worried about the type of food I ate and my active lifestyle caused me to easily burn off the calories.
              However, like others, I did get indigestion on occasion which was later explained by the idea of food combining and even later by this Astrology Diet. I will get into this later. The MAIN METABOLIC PEAK period varies among these times with MAIN PEAKs of: ARIES---6-8 A.M., LEO---2-4 P.M., and SAGITTARIUS---10 P.M. to MIDNIGHT. It is most probably true that the individual's largest/heaviest meal should be eaten at this suggested main peak period for the individual.
             After studying this dietary information for about a week, I decided that I would try this "Astrological diet" myself to see what effect it would have on me. I followed the diet as suggested. At that time I ate only the suggested type of food for that day: fresh fruits and vegetables on WATER days; meats like beef and chicken on PROTEIN days; on FAT days I tried to keep the FAT intake down to a bare minimum; and foods like breads and pastas on CARBOHYDRATE days. However, on "water days" I usually ate two sandwiches per meal, using whole wheat bread and containing, at least, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion. Within two weeks after I began the diet my chiropractor weighed me and we found that I lost about fourteen pounds during that two week period. This was a great surprise, and benefit, to me.
             This intrigued me and I studied the diet even closer than before. My research discovered that this diet was based on a two-and-a-half day period for each food type, with the cycle repeating on a ten day metabolic cycle/period. This ten day metabolic cycle proceeds in the following manner, as I have come to understand/interpret it:
    • Water---rest period, the body is at rest and "cleansing"/"flushing" itself.
    • Protein---building period, the body builds more muscle and probably bone.
    • Fat---high energy period, the body is capable of putting out more effort in doing things.
    • Carbohydrate---burning of body fat, resulting in a gradual reduction of energy.
    • Sample diet information
             One of my original thoughts on diet and the Catholic church was that the Catholic church sort of had the right idea in trying to get people to eat fish one day out of every seven days. However, it has been pointed out that the Catholic church did not really have such moderately high ideals for helping those in the faith. A Public Television program, a couple years ago, suggested that the real reason for the church to require it's practicioners to eat fish once a week was that a pope a few centuries ago commanded that fish should be eaten once a week. It is said that the reason said pope made that order was to help his brother who was a fisherman that was having trouble making a profit. Oh well, so much for expecting the church would make a requirement for the benefit of the people.
              I do not feel that I believe this is reason that the Church ordered the eating of fish once a week. I believe that the Church astrologers pushed the Church for such a mandate since the astrologers knew about a need to break the general dietary cycle that the masses felt embedded in. Of course since there was no apparent, almost instantaneous, method for determining any specific individual's daily dietary needs, at that time, breaking the diet at least once a week was probably the next best thing. Now, with this program I have developed, we have a quick method for determining any individual's diet for any specific day of that individual's life!
              I do feel this was an attempt by the church to generalize the principle for the masses in the same manner that the U.S. government years ago tried to get everyone to consume the same "four basic food groups" everyday. There is evidence now that even our government has been wrong in promoting that type of diet for everyone.
              As it turns out, "science" today has recently promoted the idea of eating some type of fish/seafood high in omega-3 oil at least once or twice a month.

             The two-and-a-half day period I spoke of earlier is apparently tied to the cycle of the MOON in some manner since the MOON takes approximately two-and-a-half days to transit each sign of the ZODIAC. Though I don't have any massive data on this MOON/diet connection, I can say that I am a strong LEO SUNSIGN with NATAL MOON in TAURUS. So under my interpretation, my LEO SUN points to basic PROTEIN intake with some amount of FAT intake as pointed out by my TAURUS MOON.
             Several years ago I produced a computer program that points out, in graphic form, which foods the individual should be focusing on for any specific day in that individual's lifetime. I have used this program, since, to check what my dietary intake should be for any specific day.
             I still follow this dietary line pretty closely to this day. Presently I use the diet to keep my weight on more of an even keel, not really worrying about losing more weight but working more to keep my weight around a certain poundage. When I feel the necessity I focus more closely on the diet using my program. I work to keep the main focus on protein but I do eat all types of foods, even brats and pizzas on occasion. The brats are very few and far between, the pizzas more frequent. When I do allow myself brats or pizza I try to eat them on FAT days. On WATER days I either eat two to three "salad" sandwiches, or steamed vegetables, for a meal.
             I have also developed a non meat dish of brown rice, celery, stewed tomatoes, onions, garlic, cayanne pepper, and red beans. This is a non meat dish that provides much nourishment. The red beans provide non meat protein that I need for my diet. This meal also goes great with butter and peanut butter on whole wheat bread. When I have this dish I will usually apply a good coat of the dish to the bread and peanut butter, eating it as an open face sandwich. Delicious to me!! When I bring this dish to meetings that I attend everyone there has at least a little taste, some, like me, eat several helpings.

             In my considered opinion, after studying/, and using this diet for several years now, I feel that using this dietary principle can help to keep infants and other children healthier! As I mentioned previously, my experience with this diet and my diet program that I developed in the 1980s assited me and my daughter in helping her live a healthier life. She is now a physical trainer helping others keep in shape and in better health.


             Over time I've come to learn, (based upon evidence, observation, belief) through personal experience, that this Diet does more than keep a person's weight down or in check:

  •          This diet proram can and does, in fact, help reduce and control an individual's blodd pressure without the use of drugs!
             Since I have been using this diet program over the last thirty years my blood pressure has remained fairly stable and well within the recommended pressure range!
             Also, my wife has taken to working with this diet since we have known each other for the past couple years and is very accepting of the diet information.
             My wife feels that she is eating better/more healthy since she has been on this diet.
             My wife states that she feels the combination of using this diet program combined with my calm personality have allowed her doctor to eliminate her blood pressure medication since her blood pressure is now within the lower acceptable blood pressure range!
             My wife and I are both older than sixty years old!

  •          Another implication for this diet is that it appears to eliminate indigestion and/or "Acid Reflux". One thing I have noticed is that I get serious indigestion when I "violate" the diet by eating FAT or CARBOHYDRATE foods on WATER days or CARBOHYDRATE foods on Protein days.

  •          A third benefit to using this diet is that it appears to assist in keeping blood cholesterol in check. Doctors and nurses had expressed concern about my blood cholesterol in earlier years. Later, after several years of me following this diet, and checking my blood cholesterol levels, the doctors and nurses were quite surprised to see it had been reduced to a good low level, especially since I was about fifty years old when those levels were rechecked. Of course dietary intake for me specifically recommends onions and garlic which are known to help the cholesterol problem. I have always had a strong taste for these two foods, and after working with this diet, I know why.

  •          This diet also apparently helps keep more of an emotional balance. We know that vitamin B and other elements play an important part in how the synaptic nerve endings transfer information. It appears that a lack of vitamin B can cause a type of emotional instability. It is known that sugar takes vitamin B out of the system. This in turn puts a drain on the emotional system, which can make the individual more easily irate. I noticed this in my youngest daughter who is a CANCER SUNSIGN. When she would have sugar in her diet, it appeared that she was more emotionally strung out, more easily stressed. I found this could be supressed to a point with the intake of more vitamin B along with the sugar foods. Eventually she grew to eating foods more along her suggested astrological dietary intake.

  •          Obviously, contrary to common practice and belief, I do NOT promote the idea the everyone should avoid the intake of fats. In fact it can easily be seen that I promote the idea that we all need FATS, of one form or another, in our diet in order to be healthier. It turns out that some type of fat is needed by the body in order to keep up the production of brain cells. All "FATS" do not have the same molecular composition/structure. This difference in molecular composition/structure can cause each individual to digest, or not digest, the same fats/type of fats in a different manner. I see this as an interesting point in that too low of a fat intake, for each specific individual, may cause the promotion of the disease of alzheimers. Of course this intake of "fats" should be geared to the proper type of fats as suggested for the individual's body metabolism!

  •          Throughout my earlier years I was quite constipated most of the time. After I worked with this diet for a short time I noticed that I was no longer constipated. I've noticed that when I would "violate" the diet cycle, the constipation would tend to increase.


             Another important part of this diet is what are called "Cell Salts".

             There are specific Cell Salts pointed out to assist in the alleviation of any standard/usual ailments that might be associated with a specific Astrological sign. An example of the personal Cell salts for Bill Clinton can be seen by clicking on the "Sample Diet information" above.


             It is my belief that this diet can, and probably should, be used for newborns and older children, as long as we have a birthdate for such children!
             Many years ago I learned that, as a general rule, the mother's milk is important for a newborn on several levels. We know that mother''s milk can help keep the baby's immune system strong against the outer world. So, we may then ask "Does the mother's milk assist the baby's digestive system?"
             Based upon this diet, my study of, and my experience with, this diet, each of us have varying specific dietary needs. Therefore, I have come to the understanding that not all of a families children, if any, will have the same metabolic system/timing, or require the same types of food as a basic dietary intake!
             Thus, two important questions arise that I believe should be looked into;
    • What is the fat content of the mother's milk immediately after delivery?
    • How does such fat content vary as the mother nurses through the days after the child's birth?

             It is my belief that this diet can, and probably should, be used for animals, such as pets, or any other critters, as long as we have a birthdate for such critters! After all, I have come to see that everything in the universe/s essentially has a "metabolic cycle" that works in some manner!


             Of course the USDA probably does not as yet approve of this Astrology diet since the USDA most probably has not done the proper research on this dietary method. However, we know that the U.S. government and the FDA is not always correct in their decisions about what they would like the public to accept as correct information from the government.

             I believe that no one should knock this Astrology diet since there has apparently been no real research done by anyone, other than myself, as to whether or not this diet works as I say it apparently does! I feel there is definitely enough evidence to support the claims I put forward for the use and implimentation of this more proper and natural diet!

             Also, you may wish to consider consulting your main health care provider to ensure that working with this diet does not/will not negatively affect your personal health situation. The only possible problem, in my view, might be with the "Cell salts"!It is important that you pay attention to how your body reacts to your intake of cell salts just like the intake of foods and drugs.

             Personally, I feel that this diet will assist you in becoming healthier without the need for the costly medication Big Pharma wishes to have you take.
             I do not recommend dropping any/all your medication until after you begin noticing positive results from using this diet and after consulting your personal physician!

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