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Health tips/suggestions

        I am quite the skeptic when it comes to manufactured drugs and what is proclaimed to be their benefits for the specific health problems for which these drugs are touted. I was a pharmacy specialist while in the army and learned a lot about drugs, their effects, and also that the manufactured drugs tend to have more unwanted side effects. As the years went by after I got out of the service, I have gotten more and more into studying more naturalistic approaches to health problems. Following are some of the solutions I have come up with for certain health problems that I have had over the years. These are solutions that I have found to work for me.

     COMMON COUGH---A couple of the more natural things I have found effective to combat both minor and severe cough are;

  • Honey and Lemon--Put the juice of half a lemon,or the equivalent amount of bottled lemon juice, into a container. Mix in an equal amount, or one-and-a-half times the same amount, of pure honey. Mix well. Take at least one teaspoonful, or even one tablespoonful of this mixture every one to two hours, or as needed. I have found this a pretty effective, non-addictive, cough supressant and expectorant. Of course you should make sure that no allergies to honey or lemon are present.
         COST--->About $4.00 to $5.00 for a small bottle of honey and three lemons.
  • "The Original RICOLA® Natural Herb Cough Drops"---Taken when necessary for mild to intense cough. I have found these very effective in reducing the amount of coughing.
         COST--->About $3.00 per month, only as needed.

     ACID REFLUX---Back in 1997 I began noticing that shortly after I drank a pepsi, or other soda, I would have a problem with stomach and esophageal pain. It would be like something was trying to come up out of my stomach. At that time, after noticing that it seemed to occur during or after drinking a soda, I assumed it had something to do with the carbonation in the soda creating excessive carbolic acid in my stomach. When the problem persisted and actually got worse over time, I finally told my doctor about the problem and he suggested it was probably ACID REFLUX and sent me to the hospital to be tested for ACID REFLUX. The tests showed the resultant symptoms and problems of ACID REFLUX and the doctor spoke with me about the more commonly prescribed drugs for the reflux problem. Since I do not like taking any drugs, unless I deem it absolutely necessary, I told the doctor that I would think about the drugs he wanted to prescribe for the problem and proceeded to check on the drugs and see what the side effects were. Since I did not like the side effects listed by the manufacturer of those drugs, I told my doctor that I did not wish to take any of them at the time. He did warn me that major complications could arise out of the ACID REFLUX situation over time, and that I should keep a close watch on the problem.
     Over the next couple years the problem did get worse. It became hard for me to get food down at times, causing me to stop in the middle of eating with much difficulty swallowing the food. The food would seem to stop just below the entrance to the lungs causing intense pain as I continued to try to ineffectively swallow the food to the stomach. I would sit there in intense pain, my face getting more and more red, with much difficulty breathing.
     Finally in about 2001 I began finding non-drug solutions to the problem:

  • "The Original RICOLA® Natural Herb Cough Drops"---In early 2001 I began taking these cough drops for a bad cough I had. After taking those RICOLAs off and on for about three to four months, I began noticing that when I took them before I ate to stop the coughing, it also appeared to sometimes reduce the problem of the food stopping in the esophagus and allow me to eat more easily and with less fear.
         I began experimenting with taking the RICOLAs when the ACID REFLUX began getting too strong for me to handle. At times I noticed that the RICOLAs would tend to soften the effect of the reflux problem to a more bearable state. The result was that I got to taking one and sometimes two RICOLAs when the reflux set in. Sometimes the RICOLAs worked effectively. However, increasingly, they had less and less effect on putting the reflux problem down, especially when I got the intense reflux problems while sleeping. Eventually I noticed that one of the ingredients in the RICOLAs is peppermint, so even though I continued using the RICOLAs for the reflux problem, I continued to look for one or more other non-drug methods that would be even more effective in controlling the REFLUX problem.
         COST--->About $2.00. to $3.00 per month as needed for the reflux problem.

  • SUNBELT® OATS & HONEY CHEWY GRANOLA BARS---In the fall of 2002 I had been looking at the SUNBELT CHEWY GRANOLA BARS for a couple months. I have a habit of not readily accepting any benefits that may be extolled by advertisements, so I did not readily accept that these SUNBELT bars would necessarily be healthy. Sometime in November, 2002 I finally broke down and bought a box of the small bars to see what they were like. I thoroughly enjoyed the SUNBELT OATS & HONEY CHEWY GRANOLA BARS and the SUNBELT bars with almonds. What I found was that when the ACID REFLUX acted up, I could eat one of the SUNBELT OATS & HONEY BARS, or one of the bars with almonds, and the reflux problem would subside. On occassion I would have to eat two of the bars before the reflux subsided, but the reflux did subside when I ate one or two of the bars. By some time in January, 2003 I noticed that the reflux problem appeared to be subsiding somewhat. By December, 2003 and January, 2004 I noticed that the acid reflux problem was subsiding considerably from two to four times and more a day to once or twice every three to four days, maybe.
         It is my opinion that the SUNBELT® OATS & HONEY CHEWY GRANOLA BARS in combination with the ASTROLOGY DIETARY INFORMATION, as mentioned below, are very effective non-drug treatment/s for ACID REFLUX.
         I believe the SUNBELT® bars with chocolate chips affected my system too negatively, especially on my dietary "WATER days".
         COST--->About $5.00 to $10.00 for a months supply of the granola bars.

  •      ASTROLOGY DIETARY INFORMATION---Go to AMS Diet information---Between January, 2003 and May 15, 2003, I decided to pay more attention to when the AID REFLUX occured and tried to find out what caused the reflux problem if possible. As the SUNBELT bars helped me get the reflux problem more under control, I found that the active acid reflux periods seemed to focus around my peak metabolic periods, as pointed out by astrology!! What became apparent to me, was that if I ate the heavier, wrong foods for the day, especially if I ate those foods beyond the peak metabolic periods recommneded for me by astrology.
         As I kept experimenting with the problem there were occassions when I would eat one of the SUNBELT bars at the beginning of the reflux attack. The reflux attacks began to occur more and more at the beginning of, and at times within, my peak metabolic periods.
         At this time I decided to try a new mode of attack. When the reflux attacks began within the metabolic peak periods I took some food to eat that matched the dietary recommendation for the day. Just like the SUNBELT baars, this food intake at this time also aappeared to keep the reflux problem from growing, and eventually, it appears that the reflux problem was diminishing even more. It appears at this time that the ACID REFLUX problem is actually greatly diminished. Whereas, for the past couple years, I have had intense reflux reactions several times a day, and on other days, pretty much at least once a day. Presently I find that there are times when I can go, at least, one to three days with an acid reflux situation arising. Especially a more intense reaction. I have found that the most intense reflux reactions usually arrive when I wake up from a deep sleep during the night. I believe this can be, and has been, controlled by me having eating one of the SUNBELT bars or some other appropriate food of the day!
         Of course, I believe that what some call the "scientific community" will say that my "experiment" concerning the ACID REFLUX problem was not an adequate scientific study, and therefore my statements and conclusions on the matter are invalid. My statement to those individuals aand organizations is that, before they "invalidate" my study/statements they should actually do a study in an attempt to bring forth actual evidence that might discredit my views on the matter. I would certainly be happy to assist in such a study in any way that I can!!!
         COST--->Whatever the cost of your monthly food bill.

     MOUTH SORES---Every once in a while since I was about three years old or younger I have had what my mother called mouth "cancour sores". As I got older, like in high school, I noticed that they appeared to arise more when I was under rather stressful emotionally situations. Since about 1996 I found at least one solution that works to stop this problem in it's tracks.

  • HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION and A GOOD ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH---For me, rinsing the mouth with a capfull of the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION for about a minute and spitting it out, and following this with a good strong antiseptic mouthwash rinse for another minute and spitting is very effective.
         It is probably important NOT TO SWALLOW the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION. A lady I knew several years ago was told, by her doctor, to use a very specific regimen of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION to eliminate some small critters that had gotten into her intestines from her travels to foreign countries. However, according to this lady, doctors are NOT supposed to recommend HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION for any kind of internal use. The FDA evidently does not recommend HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION for internal use at all.

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